Centre for Culture and Heritage

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Who we are

The Centre for Culture and Heritage is comprised of innovators passionate about showcasing our cultural heritage - past, present and future. Our mission is to be the hub of Creative Suffolk, leading contemporary research in the Arts and Humanities, linked to community engagement and impact across East Anglia and the wider world.

What we do

We pride ourselves on working with stakeholders on cultural projects that link to our commitment to being a transformational Civic University. We engage in research and knowledge exchange that has social value and impact. We prioritise community co-creation partnerships with cultural and heritage bodies via joint projects, exhibits, training, consultancy, and heritage development.  

We are focused on how cultural heritage can transform the health and well-being of individuals and groups in society. Through creative and cultural projects, underpinned by the rigour of world-leading scholarship, we celebrate sustainable heritage emphasising people, place and positive cultural change. 


  • Be a leading hub of creative excellence for innovative and collaborative research and creative projects in the Arts Humanities
  • Inspire a pride in our history and culture through research, exhibitions, events, education and outreach activities
  • Work with communities, individuals, and organisations in order to support the culture and heritage of our region
  • Foster and promote a passion for the heritage and culture of East Anglia and beyond
  • Engage with international partners and contribute to being global citizens 
  • Be the hub for Creative Suffolk 

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Our People

Professor Brian McCook

Brian is Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Brian McCook staff profile photo

Dr Amanda Hodgkinson

Amanda is an award-winning internationally published novelist, journalist and writer.

Amanda Hodgkinson staff profile photo

Dr Michael Sauter

Michael is Associate Professor of History and an historian of early modern Europe, with specialisations in intellectual history and the history of science.

Michael Sauter staff profile photo

Dr Keith Ruiter

Keith is Senior Lecturer in History.

Keith Ruiter staff profile photo

Dr Lindsey Scott

Lindsey is Course Leader for MA Creative and Critical Writing and award-winning lecturer specialising in children’s literature and adaptation.

Lindsey Scott profile photo on yellow background

Dr Susan Barnet

Originally from Los Angeles, Susan works across multiple media and has an MFA in film from the California Institute of the Arts.

Susan Barnet 1

Aishani Jayasinghe

Aishani is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture and a practising architect of 20 years. Originally from Sri Lanka, she has a portfolio of more than 150 projects.

Aishani Jayasinghe staff profile photo

Dr Matthew Bowman

Dr Bowman is a widely-published art critic and historian. His research focuses on twentieth century and contemporary art, criticism, photography and more.

Matthew Bowman staff profile photo

Dr Andrea Smith

Andrea is Lecturer in English and Creative Writing. Her career prior to joining the University included working for two Suffolk newspapers and the BBC.

Andrea Smith staff profile photo

Dr Louise Carter

Louise is a Lecturer in History, whose interests include gender in Georgian society, early-modern witch hunts and the impact of war on childhood.

Louise Carter staff profile photo

Nigel Ball

Nigel Ball joined the ²İİ®app in 2007 and is a Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design and Head of Arts.

Nigel Ball staff profile photo

Dr Jenny Amos

Dr Jenny Amos is a socio-phonologist who specialises in modelling dialect variation, lecturing in Linguistics at the ²İİ®app.

Jenny Amos staff profile photo

Vivienne Aldous

History lecturer Vivienne Aldous spent more than 20 years as a professional archivist and brings practical archival research experience to the University.

Dr Darragh Martin

Darragh is Course Leader, BA (Hons) English and writes novels, plays, and stories for children.

Darragh Martin staff profile photo

Dr Harvey Osborne

Harvey is Course Leader for History at the ²İİ®app and a historian of modern Britain.

Harvey Osborne staff profile photo

Nicola Foster

Nicola is an Associate Professor in Visual Arts.

Nicola Foster staff profile photo

Dr Mark Edwards

Dr. Mark Edwards is a renowned practitioner and academic with his work exhibited in major photographic collections such as the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A).

Mark Edwards staff profile photo

Dr Marco Spada

Urban planner and architect Marco specialises in urban narrativity, sustainability and circular economy, as well as the steel industry in developments.

Marco Spada staff profile photo


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